self assesment

Through out the semester, I have been involved in two different roles.
1. Media industry day
Major role – Scheduling (Aural people)
2. Showcase Screening
Major role- Curatorial (Curator)

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Production project 2

We have finally met our goals of the project.

Everyone took their role seriously and have done their job very well I think.

Even though I was an editor, I could see what was required from the other roles and with all the cooperation a project was finely made.

It was first time for me to work on a documentary so there were unexpected problems and extra work.

We started now knowing so much about the documentary but i guess even though it took more time and effort we have learnt a real lesson that will be useful in next production project.

This project was very meaningful because of the main characters George and Lola. We’ve built up a good relationship with them and I guess that was our biggest motivation to make a project that’s valuable for us and for them.

feedback after rough cut

writen by gloria

Urban Vignettes: Russells Old Corner Shop

Feedback from Screening at Ryan’s House
–    Superimpose name and relationship that the people have (accepted)

–    Have cutaways of them doing things, people peering in etc(accepted)
–    Show more of the ambience of the place

Consultation with Daniel Rigos
–    Possible to find soundtrack or to go without music(accepted)
–    Have an establishing shot of the building
–    To start with George first and just the clock ticking, and end with Lola’s piano piece?
–    Cut out the conversational/bickering part where Lola and George talk about Lola Russell Productions

Consultation with Anne Carter
–    Have the logo in the beginning, establishing shot of building at the end (accepted)
–    Can have just the clock ticking, or have music in the background (below the clock ticking), or have voices/ambience/traffic(accepted)
–    Reduce the shot of George in the kitchen humming OR put Lola in between the shot of George in the kitchen(accepted)
o    Keep the sound of George’s humming going as Lola comes down the stairs; don’t keep Lola’s audio as audiences may feel like they’re missing something if they can’t hear her.(accepted)
o    Do this to introduce Lola, to show that there’s two of them living in the shophouse
–    Increase the volume when it comes to Lola talking about the photographs(accepted)
–    Lola’s intro to the café should be shortened up to the point where she says that it is a working class area → rest of it unnecessary(accepted)
–    Can start Shane’s voice with him and granny seated at the table (overlay)(accepted)
–    Have cutaways of the place while Shane talks(accepted)
–    Keep George’s audio of “goodbye joy” as shane and granny walk out(accepted)
–    Too abrupt going to George talking to Ian; fade to black with the goodbye, then come to George talking to Ian and go straight to “there’s a pile of stuff over here”(accepted)
o    Fade out sound towards the end of the shot before Ian’s individual shot so that the sound doesn’t overlap(accepted)
–    Super Ian’s name and relationship only when he talks individually(accepted)
–    End Ian’s shot at “very convenient”
–    Have a bit of time before the shot of Ian ironing if possible so that it is not so abrupt and sound doesn’t overlap(accepted)
–    Drop George’s shot at “I did a course in Russian” → start the shot at the computer with George talking (overlay); extend the vision earlier.(accepted)
–    To put George and Lola talking before Alan talks about his involvement with the play
o    Include cutaways of the posters while George & Lola are talking(accepted)
o    Keep the banter/bickering of George and Lola when they talk about Lola Russell Productions
–    Footage of Lola playing the piano and talking about history can come earlier
o    Maybe after she introduces the café?
o    Before/after George is at the computer?
–    Have photos of the store come up during the credits
–    Try using overlays!
These are the feedbacks and I have accepted most of them and applied to the rough cut.

it’s gonna get better and better ~~

work attachment

I have done my work attachment at two different work places.

1. Contributor at SBS radio Korean program, which was broadcasted every sunday 3pm-4pm at AM1224.

2. Reporter at Melbourne Journal – (the largest Korean community based weekly magazine)

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snap shot4

Rough cut is made. so we now can see the flow of the documentary easier. Some extra shots will still be made if necessary.

people who have viewed our documentary are mostly satisfied with the second version of the rough cut. We’re still at discussion for what shots to be taken away or what shots to be added. There are some different opinions on couple of issues but we’ll figure out the best solution soon with help of comments from many people specially Daniel and Anne (the professional editor that we met on Tuesday).

Next steps are to add the logo of the shop in the beginning of the film and adding the credits with some of the still that Lydia had taken. I’m thinking that it will look great we’ll see. I have adjusted sound levels and some of the pictures for brightness and colours. so it’s looking much better now with better edits. Many more cutaways are added and also the super for the people’s name. I guess the film is improving a little by little. it’s good that we have enough time to improve it.

It’s amazing how the project is coming along and everyone has their parts to contribute.

I’m very much looking forward to see the website “russellsoldcornershop.com” wonder to what level this project could expand to.

close to fine cut

After the rough cut screening with Daniel and Anne I just had adjusted sound levels and put in the names introducing the people, and the logo.

It still needs lot more adjustments with the picture/ colours/brightness and so on.

This secound rough cut version will be handed on to Lydia which she’ll bring to Russell’s and view with them.

meanwhile I’m waiting for new feedbacks to come@.@   

rough cut viewing

today we’ve just viewed our rough cut with daniel.

I have made myself some notes to fix. things like the level of the sound or the edit between the shots.

The music seemed to be bit off track as we heard so it will be out and I’ll try two different ways to connect the opening sequence with the next scene either to continue with the clock ticking or another type of music.

and when we get the supers to explain the relationship between the people and Lola and George, there seems to be no problems with the flow of the documentary.

next things are to put in the main image (Russell’s old corner shop) , supers (will be made by lydia by tonight) and the credits at the end.